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My Bucket List: Do You Have One Yet?

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I started this thing a few years back where I did 3 new things each month. They were mostly easy, fun, required little time commitment and accessible.

It was really a way for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn about things that I normally wouldn’t come into contact with. Like a mini bucket list! 

Resuming this path, here is my ever-evolving list of things I plan on accomplishing before my time is up 🙂

Mission Possible

  1. Europe: 
    1. Italy, Spain, England, France, Greece, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Croatia, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Russia, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium
  2. Middle East:
    1. Dubai, Turkey, Israel, Istanbul
  3. Africa:
    1. Egypt, Madagascar, Morroco
  4. Asia:
    1. Mongolia, Nepal, South Korea – Seoul, Jeju Island, Busan, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan – Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, Hong Kong & Macao, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan
  5. Oceania:
    1. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Maldives
  6. North America:
    1. US – Miami, Austin/Dallas, New Orleans, Boston, LA, NYC, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, San Fran, San Diego, Orlando, Hawaii
    2. Mexico – Playa Del Carmen, Los Cabos, Cozumel
    3. Canada – The Maritimes, Yukon, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City
  7. The Caribbean:
    1. Cuba, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Dominion Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, 
  8. South America:
    1. Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile
  1. Island hopping in Hawaii
  2. Party it up in Ibiza
  3. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  4. Float (and exfoliate) in the Mediterranean Dead Sea 
  5. Go to a batting cage
  6. Watch the sunset and sunrise
  7. Visit Kelowna Vineyard
  8. Celebrate Day of the Dead (Nov 1) in Mexico
  9. Celebrate Loi Krathong in Thailand 
  10. Swim with Dolphins, Whales, Sharks & Manta Rays 
  11. Climb (to the lowest level) in Macha Picchu in Peru
  12. Have a monk read my future
  13. Carnival in Brazil
  14. Chinese New Year in China/HK
  15. Gondola ride in Venice
  16. Eat pizza in Italy 
  17. High Tea in London
  18. Running of the bulls in Spain
  19. Stonehedge in England
  20. Visit Mayan Ruins in Mexico
  21. Swim in cenotes in Tulum, Mexico
  22. Stay at an ice hotel
  23. Eat lobster in Maine
  24. Watch a Broadway play in NYC
  25. Safari in Africa to see the Big Five
  26. Cherry Blossom in Japan
  27. Dress up like a Geisha in Kyoto
  28. Watch sumo wrestling live in Tokyo
  29. Stay overnight at a Monastery
  30. Go Skydiving
  31. See the Northern Lights in Yukon 
  32. Go Snowshoeing
  33. Get a Tattoo
  34. Go Zorping / Bubble Soccer
  35. Ride a camel in the desert (in Egypt)
  36. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  37. Stay at 5-star hotel/resort
  38. Dine at a Michelin 3-star restaurant 
  39. Visit famous composers’ home and grave – Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart & Bach
  40. Attend an opera live in Europe (Italy?)
  41. Go white river rafting
  42. Go on a hot air balloon ride – participate in the hot air balloon festival in Cappadocia, Turkey
  43. Ride an ostrich
  1. Learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube
  2. Fly a plane
  3. Drive a boat
  4. Learn to DJ
  5. Paint a picture worth keeping
  6. Learn to bake a dessert or cinnamon raisin bread – make it my signature dish
  7. Learn to cook decently
  8. Learn to dance – hip hop, latin or fusion? 
  9. Get PADI scuba diving certificate
  10. Learn to drive manual
  11. Get better at Chinese – to the point where locals can’t tell I’m not local
  12. Pick up a European language – Spanish?
  13. Learn to sew and make my own clothes – upfashion
  14. Learn to play golf
  15. Get good at playing pool
  16. Learn to play an instrument – Violin, Drums or Saxophone
  17. Brush up on the piano – memorize one masterpiece to show off at parties lol (One of Chopin’s Nocturnes)  
  18. Be a part of a choir (again)
  1. Read more – one book a month
  2. Floss regularly (if not every day)
  3. Fix TMJ clicking jaw without surgery
  4. Get in shape 
  5. Learn to be more patient
  6. Learn to be less gluttonous 
  7. Learn to pose properly in pictures
  8. Learn about the human body so I know how to fix myself – Massage? TCM? Acupuncture? 
  9. Learn to meditate, then do it regularly
  10. One day go shopping without looking at the price tag
  11. Get a tailored suit and dress made
  12. Fall deeply, madly in love
  1. Quit my job
  2. Go into a different profession
  3. Start my own business

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