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My Review of DCx Taipei Conference – May 2019

My Review of DCx Taipei Conference – May 2019

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I got to say that the DCx Taipei conference was the main reason why I came to Taipei this time. I mean, yes, of course, I wanted to revisit this city too.  

So, what is DCx?

It’s a sub-branch (if you will) of DC, just like TED and TEDx talks.

What is DC?

DC is Dynamite Circle, which is part of Tropical MBA – a remote entrepreneur community and resource.

Members are all over the world, but some cities just have more active members than others…like Taipei! 

There are only about 5 DCers, but boy can they put on a mean conference and attract a crowd of go-getters and deal-makers! 

Size50 max
SpeakersAll quality; 50% relevant
MastermindMy first one – interesting
FoodAmazing – no complaints!
Cultural TripRainy but good!
OtherFree Swag

I didn’t confirm the total number of people, but I’m told that DCx conferences are meant to be no more than 50 people. 

I’m pretty sure we had at least 40. 

Which is the sweet spot (for me, anyway)!

It was small to easily organize impromptu socials and talk to everyone at least once. At the same time, it’s big enough to not keep talking to the same people (unless you choose to, of course). 

Bonus: I was able to chit chat and really get to know the speakers and organizers. Hard to say the same for a seminar of 300+ attendees! 

From this experience, I will try to go to smaller conferences in the future. 

DCx taipei conference headcount

Sidenote of gender ratio:

Gentlemen naturally outweighed the gentleladies.

I feel like there were more women at the Nomad Summit, but without exact numbers, I can’t confirm.

FYI – the Nomad Summit was 10x the size of DCx in terms of population (around 400~), so maybe the ratio was about the same.

In any case, I didn’t mind it this time. 

I was talking to a friend (Seb!) who was also at DCx, and he was comparing the differences between Chiang Mai and Taipei.

He had some good points:

There are less nomads in Taipei; HOWEVER, they’re all established and further down the entrepreneurial path.

Typically, this means that a) they know wtf they’re doing, b) they had time to develop professionalism and business acumen, c) most of them are partnered up or have families, and finally d) they’re just less “bro-y”.

I agree!  

Speakers - Day 1

reach out to nomad community - DCx Taipei was worth every penny

Money. Well. Spent. Is all I can say.

There were 8 speakers in total. All of them knew their stuff – you can just tell by the way they talk about their topic and how they field questions from the crowd.

I’d say that 4 of them were relevant to me.

That’s a high ratio – 50% of relevant content in any conference is definitely worth it! 

We had people from Ahrefs, Human Proof Designs, Manta Sleep, Diggity Marketing and more! 

Even better is that this top-notch level of speakers attracted quality attendees (obviously, like myself! lol) like Charles Floate and Kurt Phillips from Convertica to name a few. 

It was amazing! 

Props to the organizers (Juan & Marco and their team) – it was SO well coordinated, things went smoothly and were on time.

For examples, we had all the information and slide decks a day or two before the actual conference. 

I’ve never attended an event this well put together before. I’m blown away – they’ve spoiled me now!

Mastermind - Day 2

I was SO nervous about this part of the conference.

They sent us our groups ahead of time with appropriate details. I was able to gauge how long they’ve been in business for, how much annual revenue they generate and their business model.

I was the noob of the noob. 

Having just jumped into this world half a year ago, I’m still pretty new into this whole thing. 

I’m trying my best but things always take longer than you think.

Anywho, I was concerned that being the noobest, I wouldn’t understand their advanced business problems or be able to contribute in a meaningful way. 

Surprisingly, I was wrong! 

I was able to come up with helpful ideas. These are people who have been in operations for 3-8 years with annual revenue of up to $3M that validated my suggestions. 

*pat myself on the back here*

Man, maybe I AM cut out for this lol 

I digress. I had nothing to fear. It also helped that they were all so humble, modest and just good people in general.

Food Quality

No complaints whatsoever. 

Very good! 14 thumbs up. 

It was amazing. I think it was Sylvia(?) who picked out the food. 

She knows my stomach well.

From one foodie to another – thank you SO much! 

We were welcomed with ChiaTe pineapple cakes (my favourite!!), a constant stream of hors d’oeuvre and fruit platters, endless supply of beverages (water, tea, coffee), and healthy lunch boxes. 

There was SO much food, but all very good quality and different. You wouldn’t be able to find these at a night market.

I don’t have too many pictures of the food, because I was too busy eating it. 

Optional Cultural Trip - Day 3

You pay extra for the cultural trip, but how can you argue with a nominal fee of $28.

I bought the ticket not knowing exactly what they had planned, so was pleasantly surprised when they announced that we were going to:

  • Keelung – Yehliu Geopark
  • JiuFen – Old street for lunch 
  • Shifen – Releasing lanterns and waterfall

I’ve only been to JiuFen once. I was by myself and it was pouring cats and dogs. I wanted to go to Shifen too, but decided to head back to Taipei because of the torrential downpour. 

So I was ecstatic that I’d have another chance to go check it out with a bunch of cool cats.

Again, so well organized and worth it!

Socials - Day 0 and Beyond

DCx Taipei Dinner Social Events

No shortage of social events outside of the conference here.

It felt like there was something going on every night, even before and after the seminar. 

This particular group was active, engaged and just wanted to be with each other.

Anyone who posts in the FB group chat suggesting a lunch or dinner place would automatically get 10 people to join them. 

I guess that’s the DC community for you – inclusive, open and fun!


There wasn’t a lot of swag, but there’s really no need for it when the conference brings you so much value. 

Most of the time, swag is just useless marketing material from sponsors.

They only had one sponsor: Ahrefs.

There was a draw for a complimentary one-month subscription, notebooks (no, not laptops) and free access to their $800 blogging course.  

For DCx Taipei branded swag: The story is…we were supposed to get socks, but they unexpectedly shrank, so we got ChiaTe pineapple cakes instead.

Consumables are so much better anyway! 

On top of that, we all got free DCx T-shirts.

I also scored a Manta Sleep Mask! 

Immaculate timing since I just lost my sleeping mask the week before 🙂 

My Overall Thoughts

If you’ve read this far down, I think you know by now that I think very highly of the DCx Taipei conference.

For the ticket price of $99 USD, I CERTAINLY got my money’s worth and more.

I’ll go to another DCx conference for sure.

Good thing they’re all around the world. There’s even one in HK!

(Though I hear the members aren’t too active, so unsure if they will put on another conference again…)

DCx gave me such a positive impression of DC that I’m considering becoming a DC member.

You can opt for a quarterly or annual membership.

I’m thinking I’ll do it for at least 2 quarters. So I can take advantage of the mastermind (I think I’m ready for one now), forums, networking opportunities, and attend DC BKK this October.

I think it’d be worth the investment, but we’ll see. It’ll depend on a few things.

Stay tuned!

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