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The 6 Nomad Conferences I’d Attend

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Besides the Nomad Summit, what other events or conferences around the world are there for digital nomads? 

Quite a few!

I’m sure there are some I’ve never even heard of before because I’m still so new to the scene. But that’s OK, we can discover those together 🙂

All these events look fun and promising!

I do plan on going to most of them at some point, but since time and money are restraints, I’ll need to pace myself. 

I’ll even write an honest review of each one – like my Nomad Summit review. (I’ve been twice – Las Vegas and Chiang Mai!)

Here are the ones I know of and plan on attending (in no particular order).

The Dealio

A cruise for digital nomads. After you get on the massive ship, you don’t have to worry about anything besides making new friends.

It’s all inclusive – from workshops, fitness classes, all meals, and accommodation. You get to travel to and explore different countries during the week-long journey.

They’re coming up on their 8th cruise in April 2019, then their next one should be 6 months later – around October/November 2019.

The 8th cruise will be 7 days long and will visit 6 destinations within western Europe: 3 spots on the Canary Islands, Morocco, Spain, and Portugal! 


So, you actually do need to apply and get accepted in order to go.

Don’t worry, the application only takes 5 minutes (and I think most people get accepted…) It does sell out though, so early bird tickets are encouraged.

Don’t fret if it’s sold out, there’s usually a waitlist. 

And if there isn’t, try joining their FB group to see if you can get a ticket off someone who can no longer go.

Will I be Going?

Not this year!

I probably won’t be going to Europe for a few years. When I’m there, I’ll definitely get a ticket.

It seems fun and educational. Plus you get to travel from country to country with like-minded people and you get fed 24/7.

Why not try it out!?

Homebase Global

The Dealio

Full Disclosure: Homebase is a Nomad Cruise project.

It’s similar to a co-working/co-living program, where you stay in the same quarters with people you co-work with.

This way you get to REALLY know each other and solidify long-lasting friendships.

Hats off to Nomad Cruise – I think this was a really smart move.

Knowing that hundreds of people will flock to the city where the cruise will kick off ahead of time, why not also service this group beforehand?

Meanwhile, attracting others that may not like the open water so much…

Bravo, bravo.

Basically, depending on which package you buy, you get to learn, play and eat together with other online entrepreneurs for 3~ weeks leading up to the nomad cruise. 


Will I be Going?

Again, not in Europe anytime soon 🙁 

But I’d probably pick Homebase over Nomad Cruise though – seems like more bang for the buck, especially the Connect or Work package.

It’s a smaller crowd (100~ people), it’s 3 weeks long and more affordable!   

I imagine you get to meet many of the people who will be boarding the cruise too. 

Nomad Train

The Dealio

Basically, instead of a cruise, it’s a train. I’m waiting for the Nomad Plane now. Haha!

It’s 14-day long journey from Russia to Mongolia across the trans-Siberian railroad. 

You stop every couple of days and stay the night in the city, which is a nice change from being stuck on the train. 

The cool thing about the nomad train is that if you can’t make it during their set dates, you can go whenever and they’ll plan it for you for the same price. You probably won’t be with other nomads though. 

Your ticket price covers the train tickets, accomodation, coworking day pass in each stopover city, internet packages while on the train, insurance and all meals while on the train.

Note that people from US, Canada and EU will need to get a toursit visa to enter Russia.  

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting concept. 

Will I be Going?

Although Russia is much closer to Asia and Mongolia is on my travel hit-list, the nomad train is not in the cards for me this year.

I’m also undecided if I want to be traveling by train for 14 days. I can probably stomach 7 days max.

I’ve been on overnight buses, a 48H non-stop train ride from Vancouver to San Fran and even the luxury Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Seattle…I think I’ve hit my quota for a while. 

DCBKK (Dynamite Circle)

The Dealio

Have you heard of the podcast, Tropical MBA?

Well, those two guys are behind DC. 

It’s a membership-based program where you get to join masterminds with vetted remote entrepreneurs. I have many friends who are part of DC, and they can’t say enough good things about it! 

The main DC conferences happen in Bangkok in October and Austin in April. These are for MEMBERS ONLY. The price isn’t listed on their website, but I heard around $1000 USD.

Ouch, I know. But you get… 

“Five jam-packed days full of masterminds, topic-based meetups, talks, workshops and great conversations.”

However, throughout the year, there are mini-conferences that are open to non-members, called DCx events.

I just bought a ticket to the next DCx Taipei in May! 


I’ll let you know how it goes.

So far the speakers look promising and it was pretty affordable – $99 USD for 2 days.

1 day of speakers and the next day is masterminding. I also paid a bit extra for the cultural trip the day after.

I mean, why not?! 1) I <3 Taiwan, 2) it was only $25 more, and 3) if it sucks, I just won’t do it again.  

Will I be Going?

Uh, yeah! 

I already bought my ticket and flights. 

Are you coming or what?!

May 2019 Update:

Just got back from the conference. Read about my review of DCx Taipei here.

Chiang Mai SEO Conference

The Dealio

Matt Diggity – I’m sure you get this all the time…

“I like the way you work it
No diggity, I got to bag it up, bag it up”

Now that that’s out of my system…

Diggity is apparently the SEO dude in Chiang Mai.

Coming back for its 3rd year, this 2-day conference is filled with presentations, networking events and a chance to catch a glimpse of some of the SEO big wigs. 

In the past, they had Tim Soulo from Ahrefs, Charles Floates, and Holly Starks from SEO Master as speakers!

As for the cost of a ticket, there are 3 tiers: Standard, Deluxe and VIP. I’ll be fine with just Standard. I’m not sure how much it is, but I don’t expect it to be more than $200 USD.

Will I be Going?


I’m just waiting for them to release the tickets. 

Can’t wait to geek out with others about possible changes in the Google algorithm lol 

It’s also Loi Krathong ‘Festival of Lights’ leading up to the event and my birthday on the first day of the conference.

See ya there!

Sidenote: During my 3 months in Chiangmai, I hardly came across any Affiliates/SEO people. Most nomads there were either in eCommerce (Dropshipping/Amazon FBA) or freelancing in their craft (SW Developer). 

Affiliate World BKK

The Dealio

Wow, 3000 attendees – I wonder if I’d enjoy it, seeing as how I thought 400 attendees were too many.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to interpret Affiliate World.

Based on the pricing and what’s on their website, it just reminds me of those professional conferences I had to go to when I was still a corporate slave.

In any case, it’s a 2-3 day long conference where all the movers and shakers in the field come together to knowledge-share.

A lot of SUPER affiliates attend, so it’s great for networking opportunities.

I do love how they upload their talks after the conference. 

You may be wondering why you should even attend if they give this content away for free. 

Well, as with all conferences, you get the best value when you’re making new friends and chitchatting in the hall, rather than listening to the actual talks.

Will I be Going?

Tempting but probably not this year.

I would have already been to 3 conferences: Nomad Summit in January, DCx Taipei in May and SEO Conference in November.

Remember, I’m pacing myself. I’ll make it a priority next year though 🙂

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