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Setting Up in Chiang Mai: Currency Exchange & Mobile Data Plan

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Okay, I haven’t updated in a while and you guys have been asking how things are going so far.

It’s going well! I’ve been busy getting distracted by all the fun things I can do here…I’ll show you by way of photos 🙂

Cheers to a bigger, better 2019!

I went eating. Too delicious food options here and it’s much cheaper than compared to back home, so it’s REALLY easy to let yourself go…

Besides apartment hunting and learning some Thai, I also checked out some gyms and got a personal trainer

Compared to back home, the rates are pretty reasonable! I’ve learned a lot already in my short 3 weeks with my trainer, and I see this as an investment in my health and fitness for the long run. 

Accomplished some mundane things like exchanging money from Super Rich Exchange (they got the best rates in town!), getting on a 550 baht ($20)/month cell phone plan with AIS and getting used to hailing a Grab taxi

Feb 2019 Update:

For the cell phone, I downgraded to the smaller unlimited plan at 400 baht (but because I was renewing a monthly, they let me have it for 350 baht = $14!) for my last month in town.

I wasn’t staying the whole month so I thought ‘why pay that much?’

I definitely sense a slower internet connection, but it did what it needed to, so I’m not fussed. 

Oct 2019 Update:
AIS has a few new plans to choose from now. I got the $250 baht a month for 110 Gb 🙂 

Getting my pampering on with countless traditional Thai massages and the best facials treatments in town 😉 

At these rates, I can probably go every week or every other week! 

And just enjoying the Thai way of living 🙂

To name a few: Yoga in the Park, Golfing lessons with a PGA Pro, New Years Eve sending paper lanterns into the sky, and learning to dance at Salsa Sundays.  

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