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Where to Eat in Koh Tao

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After I researched how to get to Koh Tao from Chiang Mai, the next thing that I really wanted to know about was…food!

Yes, my inner fat kid was enthralled when I started Googling…only to be extremely disappointed when not much popped up. 

I’m not one to lust for western food. Local food options all the way – it’s how one should experience the local culture, through your stomach! 

And so…with the little research that I found online, I set out to find the little hidden gems!

Koh Tao Food Recommendations

In terms of living costs on the island compared to Chiang Mai, everything was slightly more pricy down here.

For example: Big Museli Fruit Bowl for 60 baht

  • Fruit Smoothie = 50-70+ baht
  • Smoothie bowl = 200+ baht, I’ve opted for Museli fruit bowls for 60 baht now!
  • Scooter rental = 200 baht a day + fill up your own tank (25 baht)
  • Taxi ride = at least 100 baht each way – I miss Grab!
  • Cup noodle – 15-20 baht
  • Pad thai or other thai staple food = 70-90 baht 
  • Western food = 250+ baht 
  • A cocktail = 180-250 baht 

Only staying in Sairee Beach, here’s what I tried:

Western: **you know it’s gonna be pricey**

  • The Factory Cafe – Kobumcha and energy ball was good
  • Baia Burger – The tiny burger was not worth it
  • Living Juices – Smoothie bowl was good, but not the energy ball
  • Through the Looking Glass – the breakfast roll was not worth it but their baked banana bread was yum


  • Mama Tam – yummy and affordable, portion size is good. Might be a tad on the greasy side. Sad she doesn’t have Panang Curry.
  • Pork Leg Rice – They ran out of Pork Leg Rice, so I got the noodle. It’s just not the same and I wasn’t actually full after.
  • Su Chili – Panang Curry and house fried noodle was good, but sweet & sour was too sweet and watery
  • 995 Roasted duck – not bad but quite simple.
  • Yellow rice & chicken – you can pick curry or fried chicken – I asked for half and half – portion size is huge for 90 baht. I liked the curry better than fried.

Street Food:

  • Pancake man – there are many. The basic thai one is pretty good – egg, butter and condensed milk – cheapest 40 baht 
  • Samosa man – if you’re diving, you will find him at the pier waiting for you upon your return or at your school! Veggie or chicken – 30 baht each
  • Coconut milk ice cream man – haven’t heard his ringing yet 🙁 Maybe it’s too low season for him to 

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